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Selbermacherei – free making for free people
1.: (ich mach’s mir lieber selber !) – (I’ll do it better myself!)
– rethinking (Consumer-critical alternative)
2.: (wer will mit mir ?) – (Who wants to do with me?)
– Network of mutual assistance in freegan DIY-empowerment
3.: Selbermachereien (for example: manufactur futuristic @cafe.hoog)

1. rethinking:
If you have previously needet anything, the obvious question was: Where can I buy it the best, fastest, easiest, or cheapest way?
Yet this way of thinking only led to debt, resource scarcity and piles of garbage.
This is why we want to extend this slightly abridged thought to the following questions:
What do I really want?
Is anyone happy to give this?
Can I borrow or share it?
Can I somehow convert anything, repair it, do it myself?
Is it second-hand-buyable?
And only as a last alternative: How can I buy it as local, fair and bio as possible?

What do I really want?
We all know that advertising has long been no more consumer information but creates needs , which we then unsuccessfully try to satisfy through consumption.
Some may remember that it drew their self-esteem, what they produced, and not by buying the best, the newest, the most original or most absurde.
Unfortunately, buying is becoming increasingly more often the substitute satisfaction, consolation in a sad life and then leads to dependence, debt and destroying existences.
Still Advertising & Commerce accustomes to a consumptive attitude that embraces all aspects of life. We don’t even notice how much we still just consume, instead of acting constructively. It takes a long learning process and a lot of self-reflection in order to get out of there.

Does the anyone else anymore?
Resourcewise and financially we all live on credit. Although this does not have to be.
Approximately half of all foods but also many other productions are thrown away unused. Other things are used once and then get dusty in the box.
So why not continue to use discard, for example, if only the packaging or a small part of the content is damaged?
Why not share or give away things it they are not or rarely used?

Can I convert something somehow, repair, do it yourself?
As the name of the “Selbermacherei” suggests, this is our focus.
And if you’re thinking, you have no time for that because you have to earn so much money, you will be surprised by how much more pleasant, varied, enjoyable fuller and healthier you can your make living with the Selbermacherei. :-)
You can make many things faster than shopping them, and if we add the time we were engaged in some paid work to buy this many quick bits and bobs, shows how much time we can actually save with freemaking.
There’s no need in complete self-sufficiency but in an alternative to consumption.

We encourage this change in thinking for years by bringing people in social networks and real conversations again and again to the idea to make things better themself.
Moreover, we encourage to inspire others by sharing pictures of various selfmade productions. We help making pictures or even make photography-workshops.
We also have some ideas for free-making-videospots.

2. Network of mutual assistance in freegan DIY-empowerment:
In addition we want to build a network of mutual assistance in freegane DIY, because it’s common just more fun, and because not not everyone has all the necessary skills, tools, facilities, materials … and because it’s more fun working together. :-)
Currently you find us mostly on facebook in the group (wer will mit mir ?): where we organise spontaneously and continuously workshops.
We want to let this network develop into a extensive and versatile database , where you can find crafts-, cooking-, sewing-, or creative-groups, share & barter exchanges, recipe exchanges etc.

3. where?
Anyone who wants to freemake something can found his own Selbermacherei at home (or in the factory of the friendly craftsman around the corner, who may provide his rooms at evening perhaps even without charge) or vistit an existing Selbermacherei (as for example in the Café Hoog) to help each other at collective empowerment.
Here helps the Selbermacherei-group on Facebook and the planned Selbermacherei-search-engine .
For everything that you can’t make on your one at home, we are looking for an big old house which we will renovate to build manufactory rooms , where free things & material can be stored, selfmade treasuries & information can be shared, and people can come together to free workshops, enjoyment orgies and other unrivaled competitions.
And maybe this place will become an freegane hotel where you can have your “holiday without money”
If you want to contribute rooms, materials, tools, knowledge, or last but not least time, you are invited, because a network can only grow if many join.
If we inspired you, share this inspiration !)
Do not only consume this but share your ideas, your experiences, your contacts, your time, your talents !)
Feel free to kontakt us via our groups, lists, by e-mail , phone or any virtual network !)
Get involved !)

– because freemaking makes fun.
– because unloved and unused things find new use.
– because freemaking saves money & resources.
– because freemaking together creates new connections and contacts.
– because I want to get off impeller of the ever-more-working-for-ever-more-consuming
– because I am free to do what I want as I want it