Welcome at hoog.at !) Here you will find some english descriptions of my projects. (This page is still under construction, and everyone is welcome to get involved.) Responsible for this page, in possession of all rights (cc by-nc-sa) is Wolf Hoog.

Beautiful picture showing a bee working.

I think I would call myself an activist in regards to my efforts of saving our planet earth. My last flight was years ago. I enjoy spending time in waste bins, riding my bike like a rebel and living a…

Where to go despite Corona exit restriction?  The Café Hoog is safe!)

(translated from https://cafe.hoog.at/rescue) The freegan Café Hoog has often been a safe space for people with family difficulties, psychological challenges, disorientation or just for hanging out and being the person you want to be. Regardless of whether economic, interpersonal, emotional…

Has to be translated: https://cafe.hoog.at/sprachaustausch