Where to go despite Corona exit restriction?  The Café Hoog is safe!)

Where to go despite Corona exit restriction? The Café Hoog is safe!)

(translated from https://cafe.hoog.at/rescue)

The freegan Café Hoog has often been a safe space for people with family difficulties, psychological challenges, disorientation or just for hanging out and being the person you want to be. Regardless of whether economic, interpersonal, emotional or medical problems – help and support could have always been given. Because of my many years of experience in therapeutic work with victims and offender, even some tricky situations were quickly resolved.
Therefore, not only food and other treasures were regularly safed in the Rescue Café Hoog, but sometimes people too.

more on https://www.interventionsstelle-wien.at/english-summary – does anyone know a better link?

Especially these days, when the whole world has to stay in corona quarantine, in collective solitary confinement, or, even worse, without any chance of escape locked in a too small space 24/7 with a partner or with family, we are all challenged and sometimes overwhelmed. So it’s normal when you start to have cabin fever, or, when your relationship or family gets too much of a burden. If you don’t know where to escape, if you are looking for a protected, undisturbed place, then you are very welcome at the Café Hoog.
A clarifying or distracting conversation (of course with the medically recommended distance) or a few hours of contemplation and rest, relaxation in the hammock on the roof terrace or (silent or guided) meditation, all possible. We may also sew face masks together or make some else diy or repairing. And guaranteed virus-free drinks or freed treasures are also available.
And of course everything is free, as always. Please contact me to make an appointment via telephone or text message to 0680 2002562 (because otherwise I might be with the bees).

Speaking of which: On the way to my bees, I see more and more people with fear written onto their faces. My motto – that I can advise everyone – is:

Smiling is contagious - but certainly never infectious.

Is this allowed?

And if the police were to ask you while outside: “Urgent errands” do not necessarily have to be commercial.
A visit to the freegan Café Hoog is necessary for the existential basic supply with saved food and is therefore logically allowed (like shopping). And shops or delivery services are not less dangerous just because they are paid for. On the contrary! Commercial kitchens have an incomparably higher turnover, which logically means more risk of virus spreading. In the freegan Café Hoog there are definitely never as many people as in grocery stores. The same of course is true for garbage rooms: Rescued things have not been touched by any potentially infectious strangers immediately before you take them. They lay long enough to be guaranteed virus free. That’s why dumpster diving is even much safer than shopping. And in addition, the climate is saved (and your finances).

of course only safe, sane and consensual !)

It is currently very popular to declare nurses, sellers, delivery men, harvest helpers and many other (often with multiple burdens) underpaid people as “heroes of everyday life” instead of simply rewarding them accordingly. And to not needing to change anything, even our supposedly virus-tight borders are opened exceptionally. And despite the climate crisis, many tend to satisfy their addiction of consuming even more with delivery services while being locked in their homes.
But we can become heroes ourselves. And that is because we don’t do this for an income, but for non-commercial and voluntarily reasons, we may be called even more heroistic.
Therefore: Join in !)