This is me!

This is me!

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This is another project finding the limits of portrait photography.

Since portraits usually show the face (or parts of them) in close-up respectively a person in different pose or informal or perhaps unobserved at a characteristic activity, I’m trying to exclude that side that seems to be a oblite spot of any portrait.
Now another bodypart exept the face should be shown and herewith trying to reveal the caracter of this person.

It’s asked where the real “me” could be found.
What is the body part that makes you individually, especially, unique?
What distinguishes you the most from others?

But even though we live in a world that worships individualism like hardly anything else, this question can be answered spontaneously by very few people. The usual confusion about this purpose usually leads to general phrases about the fact that everybody is unique by each cell of its body. Despite repeaded demands: Upon the announcement to reflect it specifically rarely followed by concrete answers. It seems as this tendency toward individualism was in fact consumerism which serves more of the normalization than underlineing the physical expression of our personalities. We want to be unique individuals who differ as least as possible from the norm. We are not bothering with the deviant sides of us . We prefer to let them be corrected or at least hide them.
We dress modern, means according to the currently norm, even if this norm wants to look as if it would oppose any norm. And even when we modify our bodies individually for example with tatoos or piercings, the pictures are mostly taken from catalogs.
But these artificial characteristics are not the topic of the here discussed project. Tatoos and similar expressions are documented enough by the respective tattooist or their clients.
Here we see natural peculiarities, body attributes, embodiments of personality in their life history alteration, traces left behind by a character or a life story.
And what you find especially in yourself, does not necessarily has to be noticeable for others. It can be small or large. It may be something I’m proud of or something I don’t want to show (with my face). (The pictures are anonymous by request.)

This is an ongoing project.
Interested in working together? Please contact me by electric mail.
More information about my way of working can be red here.

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